How to share an article on Tumblr from Wordpress

How to share an article on Tumblr from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to publish an article to Tumblr. For specific login details – these will vary from organisation to organisation – however herein will assume we are publishing for David Cruwys from Ideasmen.

This is lesson eight in the “Social Media Strategies for your Business Using WordPress” series

Select the Post You Would Like to Publish on Tumblr from WordPress


Go into the WordPress for the site you wish to publish for instance and sign in. Then

  1. Click the Posts button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the article you wish to promote
  3. Ensure that you are only doing this for articles which are published – you can ratify this by the status of the article

Open the Article You Wish to Post on Tumblr


Now that you are only the WordPress for the actual page:
1. Hold Control and click “View Post” – which will bring up the page in a new tab

Open the Tumblr Share Feature


On the left hand corner of the page you will see the ability to share directly to Tumblr by clicking the icon.

Setting up your post for Tumblr


On Tumblr – before you submit your post you will have to do the following.
1. Delete the URL in the “Name” field and replace this with a casualised/relatable version of the title. In this case we would delete the URL and change it to What exactly is a CDN – Content Delivery Network? Find out more…
2. Create a unique description incorporating some of the main concepts & keywords – summarising what the article is about.
3. Click ‘Advanced’

Advanced settings on your Tumblr Post


In the advanced settings – make sure “publishing options” and “date this post” are set to now.

For tags make sure that you use the same ones as the article which should be already provided or visible at the top of the article itself.

Set a custom post URL to exactly match the URL of the article – remember when writing URLs a space between two words is replaced with the dash (-) symbol

Unclick the send to Twitter box – to make sure it DOESN’T send to twitter – and press “Create post” where you are done

Ensuring your Tumblr post has been shared


As the confirmation screen can disappear quite rapidly we will need to manually check that this has worked after the share has been executed. To do this wait the mandatory three seconds after you see ‘Done’ window, then go to your browser and enter http;//

If you are prompted to log into your Tumblr account then do so – either way you will arrive at the Tumblr dashboard for the account you are posting for. Then in the top right hand corner you will see a URL below the name of the individual/page/company – please click this.

Screenshot the successful share


You will then see the top post is the one you have just made. Please screenshot this and add it to your Drop Box folder.


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David CruwysHow to share an article on Tumblr from WordPress

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