AI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)

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Google Lens is a powerful, AI-driven visual search app The Google Lens vision-based app provides computing capabilities to your smartphone allowing it to understand what’s going on in a photo, video or live feed.   Vision based capabilities will know what you are looking at and take appropriate actions Point your phone at a flower and it will tell you …

David CruwysAI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)
What is machine learning?

What is Machine Learning?

David Cruwys Editorial

What is machine learning (ML)? Machine learning is the semi-automated extraction of knowledge from data. Knowledge from data starts with a question that might be answerable using data. Automated extraction via data mining tools provides useful data sets to drive machine learning ML is semi-automated meaning smart decisions by a human are needed at various points in the data pipeline …

David CruwysWhat is Machine Learning?