Social media automation using Jetpack Publicize

Social media automation using Jetpack Publicize

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How to configure Jetpack Publicize for Default Installation, this leads to Social Media automation

This is part of the “setting up a blog” professional series, this includes best practices that and processes that we follow to “set up a blog

Jetpack -> Publicize -> Configure

  1. Select Jetpack
  2. Select Configure from the Publicize Panel

Connect up major Social Accounts


Connect Jetpack Publicize to Social Accounts

Note: This option is on a per user basis, so if you have multiple people that you would like to promote on a website, then you need to sign in as each of these people and setup the publicize settings

  1. Connect to Facebook Timeline and/or Facebook Page
  2. Connect to Twitter
  3. Connect to LinkedIn
  4. Connect to Tumblr
  5. Connect to Google+

Extra setup for Google+

  1. Follow the Sign In process
  2. Account is connected

Connect up Social Accounts for another user


Note: A second user, John is not yet setup via Publicise so his account need’s to be Connected to before connecting to social accounts

David CruwysSocial media automation using Jetpack Publicize

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