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How to share an article on Twitter from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to share on twitter an article produced on WordPress . For specific login details Рthese will vary from organisation to organisation Рhowever herein will assume we are publishing for David Cruwys from Ideasmen.

This is lesson five in the “Social Media Strategies for your Business Using WordPress” series

Select the Post You Would Like to Publish on Twitter from WordPress


Go into the WordPress for the site you wish to publish for instance and sign in. Then

  1. Click the Posts button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the article you wish to promote
  3. Ensure that you are only doing this for articles which are published – you can ratify this by the status of the article

Open the Article You Wish to Post on Twitter


Now that you are only the WordPress for the actual page:
1. Hold Control and click “View Post” – which will bring up the page in a new tab

Open the Twitter Share Feature


On the left hand corner of the page you will see the ability to share directly to Twitter by clicking the icon.

Setting Up your Twitter Post


Unlike some other forms of social media, Twitter allows you to log in and set up your post at the same time. Please follow the following steps:
1. Ensure that your username and password for Twitter is entered into this section. If this field is already auto-completed then you don’t have to worry just ratify that the username is correct.
2. Edit your message – this should follow a casual format – in this case “Check out my latest blog post – What is a #CDN? #ContentDeliveryNetwork ….” followed by the post link and then use the hashtag of the company/campaign you are promoting i.e #ideasmen in this case. Remember you only have 180 characters so use your space wisely. We recommend shortening all post links by using the Google URL shortner. Simply past the link of the URL and click Shorten URL and repaste this back into your Twitter post – its that easy!
3. Making sure that you are happy with your message click ‘Sign in and Tweet.’

Checking that your Tweet has been sent on Twitter


After clicking sign in and tweet – a brief confirmation message may appear with a link to Twitter to view you post. However some users state that this doesn’t appear or only appears briefly. There are two quick ways of finding out if it worked.
1. Simply go to Twitter – by click here – where if you are still logged on you should be able to view your latest tweets by clicking ‘Me.’ If you aren’t logged on then simply login using the username and password we have used in this walkthrough
2. Type in the URL bar of your browser – of the Twitter account and you will be able to view this

Take a screenshot of the successful post and place it in your Dropbox folder


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