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Setup CDN – Amazon CloudFront CDN plus Route 53

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In this lesson we run through how to setup Amazon CloudFront CDN to serve images directly from a website domain name and configure SEO friendly domain name via Amazon Route 53

In this example I will be working with

Amazon CloudFront CDN is a Content Delivery Network that can be used to deliver images, videos and other web resources such as JavaScript, CSS and static HTML.
Amazon S3 is a distributed file system for storing files in the cloud

This is part of the “How to set up a Blog” professional series and includes best practices and processes that we follow for building out the IdeasMen – Content Constellation system which allows niche markets such as Financial Broker Networks, Accounting Groups and Medical Practices to dominate SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions) within their local & geographic regions.

Create Distribution


Select Delivery Method


Distribution Settings for WebSite


Distribution Created


You will use the Domain Name and CNAME in the next section to configure Route 53 so that the SEO friendly CNAME can access the generated ID subdomain located on

  1. Generated domain name
  2. SEO friendly CNAME will map to

Setup Route 53

  1. Set subdomain to CDN or whatever you would like it to be
  2. Set value to the domain name from previous step

Check DNS Propagation


Use WhatsMyDNS to test that your SEO friendly URL is pointing to the CloudFront domain name




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David CruwysSetup CDN – Amazon CloudFront CDN plus Route 53

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