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Sharing is Caring 🙂

Building business is easier when you are part of a network of like minded business owners who help and support each other.

As I start the journey of building out my own referral teams and networks, I keep an eye out on great posts from my network from people who are really good at building rapport with other business owners.

I am including this following post by Kellie who shared the following in a business group. For me this is a great template for me to use and adapt in the future.



Hello All, Today we’d like to highlight Stuart Warwick

Stuart is founder of the ‘Scale With Confidence Programme’ for established IT/MSP business owners helping them grow their business so it works for them, rather than them for it. This gives them more profit, time and meaning to help more people. Ultimately he helps them build a long term cash producing asset for them and their families.

Note: An IT or Managed Service Partner (MSP) looks after the IT hardware, services and software of other small and medium sized businesses (Email, servers, laptops, online security, wifi, the Cloud, mobile devices).


Kellie is promoting the people that have helped her out



David CruwysPromote your referral partners on Social Media