How to prepare new wordpress installation for developer

How to prepare new wordpress installation for developer

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How to prepare new WordPress installation for transfer over to a developer who will finish of development of this new website. This step by step guide to setting up a base set of Themes & Plugins for a new Content Constellation Website.

This step by step will:

  • Show the basic plugins to install
  • Which need to be actived at the development phase.
  • Backup the MySQL database of the new installation
  • Store the MySQL script so that the developer is setup with exactly the same starting installation

In this example I will be working with

This is part of the “How to create a website” professional series, this includes best practices that and processes that we follow to “Make a wordpress website” for building out the IdeasMen – Content Constellation system which allows niche markets such as Financial Broker Networks, Accounting Groups and Medical Practices to dominate SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions) within their local & geographic regions.

Install the basic plugins


List of General Plugins for standard setup

Note: These plugins are in addition to the plugins automatically installed via Theme X

Installed plugins plus activation status

  • Yellow = Install and Activate
  • Pink = Install and Don’t Activate

Select target WordPress Database to Backup

  1. Select database to export
  2. Click Export button

Export (Download to Harddrive)


Create folder for Database Scripts


Create a folder withing the Development_Database folder with a name that represents the Website whose scripts we will be storing, in this example I used RD-FirstHomeBuyers, the RD is just a code for the client

Store exported SQL script


Add a date to the beginning of the SQL script so that all files align themselves in date order, the format should be YYYYMMDD.

David CruwysHow to prepare new wordpress installation for developer

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