How to share an article on Pinterest from Wordpress

How to share an article on Pinterest from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to publish an article to Pinterest. For specific login details – these will vary from organisation to organisation – however herein will assume we are publishing for David Cruwys from Ideasmen. A pinterest share is an essential step to publicise an article from WordPress.

This is lesson nine in the “Social Media Strategies for your Business Using WordPress” series

Select the Post You Would Like to Publish on Pinterest from WordPress


Go into the WordPress for the site you wish to publish for instance and sign in. Then

  1. Click the Posts button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the article you wish to promote
  3. Ensure that you are only doing this for articles which are published – you can ratify this by the status of the article

Open the Article You Wish to Post on Pinterest


Now that you are only the WordPress for the actual page:
1. Hold Control and click “View Post” – which will bring up the page in a new tab

Share the Featured Image on Pinterest


At the top of the article – there wil always be an image. If you hover over this image you will see a ‘Pin It’ button appear – please click this.

Set up your post for Pinterest


Setting up your post is easy on Pinterest. If you haven’t logged in already please do so then pick the relevant board for the category of the article – in this case – 99TechGuru Articles. For the descriptions write something that is engaging but especially short – try to stick to 25-60 characters – incorporating a few keywords and describing what the article is about in a snappy punch line. Make sure the “share to Twitter” box is unchecked and then click “Pin It” in the bottom right hand corner

Checking your Pinterest post

You should quickly be presented with a window that says Thankyou and “view it” – please click this and take a screenshot of your successful post


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David CruwysHow to share an article on Pinterest from WordPress

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