Marketing Pitch for Accounts - Steps for Dean

Marketing Pitch for Accounts – Steps for Dean

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01 – Create a Marketing Story


Use Mindmiester to create a marketing story

  • Fast and agile
  • Copy text lists directly out into PowerPoint Smart Art
  • You can store potential images from the web as URL’s

02 – Create Models


Turn lists of text into fancy images using PowerPoint smart Art

03 – Find additional userful images


Using Google Images

04 – Use Snagit


Snagit is a great editor for images, you can do pointers, blurs, highlights etc…

  1. See the Highlight
  2. Arrow
  3. Hand pointer

05 – Use Screen Steps Pro V2.9


Find it here:

Use Screensteps to turn your mindmap into a slide deck
If you number your titles, the images will get ordered by that number

06 – Use either Powerpoint or Prezi to Sell your Message


All the images above will now be used in a presentation using Prezi or Powerpoint

David CruwysMarketing Pitch for Accounts – Steps for Dean

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