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Jetpack Photon CDN

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In this lesson we run through how to setup Jetpack Photon CDN, the free Content Delivery Network for WordPress websites

Photon CDN is a free Content Delivery Network that can be used with any WordPress Website, your posts’ images and featured images from your site are delivered via the WordPress network grid which is powered by EdgeCast. SEO is improved because images from your site will be delivered with optimal performance.


  • Not being able to update the Cache means it is recommened that you install Photon after the site is live your themes are complete.
  • Lack of Cache Invalidations can lead to higher costs time based resources (e.g. Staff), needing to manually update and rename images.

This is part of the “How to set up a Blog” professional series and includes best practices and processes that we follow for building out the IdeasMen – Content Constellation system which allows niche markets such as Financial Broker Networks, Accounting Groups and Medical Practices to dominate SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions) within their local & geographic regions.

What is Photon CDN and why should I activate it?


Photon Setup is Easy


Click Activate and your are done

Jetpack Proton is a Free CDN for WordPress


Give your site a boost by loading images in posts from the content delivery network. We cache your images and serve them from our super-fast network, reducing the burden on your Web host with the click of a button.

Limitations of Jetpack Photon


List of limitations for Photon, only one of these limitations is a problem for me and that is the first limitation.

  • “No cache invalidations – currently the images are cached “forever”. If you want to “refresh” an image you will need to change the name of the image”

This has proven to be a big time waster as I like to create nice SEO friendly images but if you need to make a change to an image, you can’t just replace the image in WordPress, you have to upload a new image with a new file name and link to that image. That may be OK for one off changes, but if you have automated systems for put images in place, especially dynamic images then you are really stuck by this limitation. Ultimately the choice would be based on weighing Free/Paid CDN vs time cost updating and testing image chagnes manually.

If having Cache Invalidations is needed then look at setting up your site with a different Content Delivery Network such as AWS S3/Cloud Flare




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