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Image optimizer – WP Smush.IT

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In this lesson we run through how to setup Smush.IT, the easy to use WordPress Image optimizer. This WordPress plugin will reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the Yahoo API within WordPress.

Source: Yahoo’s excellent Exceptional Performance series recommends optimizing images in several lossless ways:

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colours from indexed images offers an API that performs these optimizations (except for stripping JPEG meta data) automatically, and this plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress.


This is part of the “How to set up a Blog” professional series and includes best practices and processes that we follow for building out the IdeasMen – Content Constellation system which allows niche markets such as Financial Broker Networks, Accounting Groups and Medical Practices to dominate SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions) within their local & geographic regions.

Install WP Smush.IT


Activate WP Smush.IT


Bulk Smush.IT


Run all my images through WP right now


Clear any cache’s


If you have any caching such as a CDN, make sure you notify that the cache is now dirty, this example is using WP Total Cache hooked up to Amazon CloudFront CDN

Compression reductions are listed


Image Optimizer – Web Page Performance – Before/After –


Image Optimizer – Web Page Performance – Before/After –


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