How to share an article on Linkedin from Wordpress

How to share an article on Linkedin from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to publish an article to LinkedIn. It is important to use caution and take care when doing this as this is the professional social media service of generally the prinicipal or CEO of the company we are publishing for . For specific login details – these will vary from organisation to organisation – however herein will assume we are publishing for David Cruwys from Ideasmen.

Select the Post You Would Like to Publish on LinkedIn from WordPress


Go into the WordPress for the site you wish to publish for instance and sign in. Then

  1. Click the Posts button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the article you wish to promote
  3. Ensure that you are only doing this for articles which are published – you can ratify this by the status of the article

Open the Article You Wish to Post on LinkedIn


Now that you are only the WordPress for the actual page:
1. Hold Control and click “View Post” – which will bring up the page in a new tab

Open the LinkedIn Share Feature


On the left hand corner of the page you will see the ability to share directly to LinkedIn by clicking the icon.

Log In to the Nominated LinkedIn Account


Upon clicking the LinkedIn button you will be prompted to login with the details for the individual you are publishing on behalf of.. Pleas enter the email address and password provided and click Sign In

Enter Your Post Details


You are now going to share the actual post to real LinkedIn users. Please follow these steps:
1. Click Share an Update
2. Include an update in this box about the relevance of the article to the audience – for instance in this case “A little something I wrote to help many of my customers learn the elements behind an CDN.” This should not be simply the description of the article repasted into the box but should be approximately twnety words and be a few sentences which the readers can relate to
3. Click post to groups if there are relevant groups to which the post applies – if there are multiple groups – start typing the name of each group and you will be prompted to select it from a drop down menu. Repeat this for every group that applies.
4. Add the title as a variation of the main article title and the detail should be the article description – approx 100 words maximum. For the detail use an extract of the description with a personal call to action.


Example of how to Fill in the LinkedIn Share Section


We have provided an example above of ideally how this form should be filled out. Please examine the following key areas as extensions of what we have talked about above:
1. This field is extremely personal but not overdone and includes a little bit of a teaser on what the article is about as a personal message written in the first person
2. The title for the group post is a variation of the article title so they are not duplicated
3. The detail section has two components – one a brief extraction of the article summary and secondly a Call to Action which encourages the reader to click through to read the full body of the article on the target website.
4. Click share once to post this to LinkedIn

Checking that the Share has worked!


Go onto another task and in two minutes after sharing come back and go onto the Linked In home page. Then follow these steps:
1. Click Home
2. Click on the All Updates Tab
3. Select Your Updates
4. Click Recent

Relaying the successful share


Upon confirmation that your share has worked – please take a full page screenshot of this screen and place this in your Dropbox Folder

Checking that Your Group Post was Successful


If you have opted to also share a group update as well as a personal one the way in which you check that this has gone through is by starting to type the first few letters of the group name to which you shared in the search area and waiting for the drop down to appear. You then click the name of the group. This does not need to be done for every group you have shared to but lets follow through for one – just to make sure it went through.

Checking your group post – example


Once you arrive on the group page, click Recent and then scroll down until you see the article you have published. Take a full page screenshot of this too and place it in your designated Dropbox folder.

David CruwysHow to share an article on Linkedin from WordPress

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