How to share an article on your Facebook Timeline from Wo

How to share an article on your Facebook Timeline from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to publish an article on an individuals Facebook timeline . Care must be taken as a mistake can be viewed by generally in excess of 500 of the given users friends and family. For specific login details – these will vary from organisation to organisation – however herein will assume we are publishing for David Cruwys from Ideasmen. Once you learn how to share a link on facebook you will receive a plethora of opportunities to receive feedback and interact with your customers

This is lesson ten in the “Social Media Strategies for your Business Using WordPress” series

Select the Post You Would Like to Publish your Facebook Timeline from WordPress


Go into the WordPress for the site you wish to publish for instance and sign in. Then

  1. Click the Posts button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the article you wish to promote
  3. Ensure that you are only doing this for articles which are published – you can ratify this by the status of the article

Open the Article You Wish to Post on your Facebook Timeline


Now that you are only the WordPress for the actual page:
1. Hold Control and click “View Post” – which will bring up the page in a new tab

Open the Facebook Share Feature


On the left hand corner of the page you will see the ability to share directly to Facebook by clicking the icon.

Login to the Facebook Account


You will be prompted to enter the Facebook username and password for the nominated account. Please do so and click login.

Setting up your Facebook Post- Individual


Depending on whether you are intending to post to a page or to an individuals actual account – the process differers slightly.

For posting to a person’s account –
1. Leave this area on the default “Share on your timeline” setting
2. Develop a casually toned message encouraging people to read the post
3. Click ‘Share Link’

Setting up your Facebook Post – Page


For posting to a person’s page –
1. Click on this area and changed it to “Share on a Page you manage.” Then to the right you will be given the option to pick which page you would like to – in this case we have chosen ’99 Tech Guru.’
2. Develop a short 10-20 word message which relates to the page you are posting and the audience that wil be reading it
3. Click ‘Share Link.’

Checking your Post Was Successful


To ensure that the post occured for an individual go to, login and click your name to view the post on your Timeline. In the case of the page- you should enter the URL of the page in the browser e.g

Screenshot the successful post and place this image in your dropbox folder


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David CruwysHow to share an article on your Facebook Timeline from WordPress

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