Distributed Article Machine

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The Distributed Article Machine allows content administrators to schedule and upload articles and images to multiple WebSite. Additionally these articles are released to public in an orderly fashion and automatically socialized to a social link wheel.

I will be working with the IdeasMen – Content Constellation article uploader to schedule and upload 12 articles with featured images to 4 websites.


Distributed Article Machine

Upload 28 Articles to 4 Websites using 8 Authors

The article selection grid gives access to article titles, content, featured images, SEO and research.

In the example we will be processing 28 seperate articles on 4 different websites

4 Websites with Different Authors

Not only can the articles be uploaded to multiple websites but they can also be assigned to multiple Authors. The ability to attach to seperate Authors any website means that the automatic social sharing can be custoized as each Author (Real Person, or Business Unit) can have there own seperate social media accounts that are automatically shared to as a result of the article being published.

Generate 28 Featured Images with Branding

Genearted Featured Images

6 of the 28 Featured Images that were created for FirstHomeBuyers.co

Upload multiple SEO Friendly Scheduled Articles

The 28 articles that will be uploaded have been scheduled, SEO settings have been filled in and categories and tags applied

Upload New Scheduled Articles

At the top you can see the number of WordPress Posts across four WebSite before upload.

After Upload

The bottom set shows the new post counts and the number of posts scheduled for the future

Published Articles

Screenshots for some of the published articles on each of the websites

Auto Publishing to Social Networks

Posts are automatically distributed through your social networks at the scheduled publish time.

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