Day 3 – Dave gets Lazy

David Cruwys 31 Videos in 31 Days 1 Comment

Day 3 is pretty marginal, people. Now I know Dave has been pretty busy today, what with his 10 o'clock hair appointment and the personal trainer at 2 ... but posting a client video as part of his 31 day challenge... really? Admittedly, it is a nice little demonstration of how you can turn real estate photography into a short video for sharing on Youtube. But I just think he's getting lazy. Honk if you agree!
David CruwysDay 3 – Dave gets Lazy

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  1. Ivan Ang

    I must have given Dave at least 2 or 3 new video ideas today when we met for coffee in Kirribilli. So yes, I agree. You can do better Dave!! 🙂

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