Convert List to Image Gallery with Viral Sharing

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This article walks through how we turn a Top 10 list into a beautiful into visual gallery that you can publish to a WordPress blog with built in Viral Sharing capacity via Pinterst and fair use image attribution to the original image.

I will be working with the IdeasMen – Content Constellation Flickr and List based article uploader to generate a beautiful image gallery that is ready for sharing on Pintest with quotes, hastags and link backs.

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Use Google to find relevant list

I picked top 10 cafes in sydney which may be a useful list for a local business. Another example for in Parramatta may want to create a simple list of chemists in the Parramatta area.

Look for easy to manipulate lists

This list is easy to copy and paste straight onto a text editor or Microsoft Excel

We have access to 3 simple fields here including the Cafe Name, Address and Description, with a little bit extra manipulation, we could also access the URL for the Cafe which is great if you want to create links to businesses and hopeful receive backlinks over time.

Drag List into Excel

I used a text editor with automatic macro playback to quickly masage the copied text from the webpage, then I just inserted that data straight into a spreadsheet which will be used to build out the images and dynamic gallery

Search Flickr for appropriate Creative Commons

The images shown are re-usable for commerical use which is the goal of this image gallery and they can be modified which we will do through adding text overlays to the images

Copy URL of Image on Flickr

Copy the URL of any image you would like to use in your gallery or other places in your WordPress blog

Paste URL's into Flickr Download

Flickr Download is one tools within the IdeasMen – Content Constellation Distributed Content Network automation suite

Gather Detail information about the Image

Rich Image Data is Populated

Configure Custom Sizes & Download

The original image is always downloaded
You can also automatically generated resized images with configurable file name suffix and width or height specifications

Downloaded Flickr Images

The original image is downloaded, plus there are resized versions of the image.

  • 672px wide is used for WordPress Featured Images
  • 800 & 350px wide may be used for some other purpose, e.g. responsive websites may have 800px images for desktop presentation and 350 px images for mobile presentation


Bulk Upload Generated Images

SEO Friendly Images uploaded to WordPress

All images are uploaded to WordPress with SEO friendly captions and descriptions.
Hidden Meta data is also uploaded with information about the Creative Commons licencing, URL, author and title.
All images are also compressed using yahoo SmushIT for optimal web performance

Clone existing Gallery Profile

Start by cloning an existing Gallery such as the the Robin Williams Tribute

Configure New Gallery

Configure the gallery and then Click Generate

Create a Featured Image for the Article

The Featured Image will have SEO meta data applied in the appropriate places such as the Alt tags, also note that the image is branded back to one of your properties automatically, in this case, so that people can find out more about you.

Upload Image Gallery

New Photo Gallery

Top 10 Cafe's Image Gallery

Pin Images with a of Feedback Loop

I pin my images with a link back to the Pinterest Board that they are stored on instead of the actual target website, the reason for this is two fold.

  1. It is easier to build up traffic to a board then to a website and the viral aspect of this comes from the pintest boards.
  2. Clicking on the image will bring people to the website anyway

Average Images Re-Pinned in a Week = 1482

David CruwysConvert List to Image Gallery with Viral Sharing

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