AI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)

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Google Lens is a powerful, AI-driven visual search app The Google Lens vision-based app provides computing capabilities to your smartphone allowing it to understand what’s going on in a photo, video or live feed.   Vision based capabilities will know what you are looking at and take appropriate actions Point your phone at a flower and it will tell you …

David CruwysAI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)

Promote your referral partners on Social Media

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Sharing is Caring 🙂 Building business is easier when you are part of a network of like minded business owners who help and support each other. As I start the journey of building out my own referral teams and networks, I keep an eye out on great posts from my network from people who are really good at building rapport …

David CruwysPromote your referral partners on Social Media

Free SMS from your Browser

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I was out with friends tonight when I received an SMS from one of my team members operating out of the Philippines. “Hi Dave, this is joneel. There is new version of xtheme and its plugin. May I know your username and password for themeforest so that I can test it too.” I have never conversed with Joneel via phone or SMS …

David CruwysFree SMS from your Browser
TeamworkPM - New Project from Template

TeamworkPM – New Project from Template

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In this TeamworkPM Tutorial I will walk though how to Prepare a new Project for building Website, Social media properties, local marketing properties and configuring the entire system. The example will build out a project plan with about 30 tasks that are grouped, have task dependencies and assignable to multiple people within your team via role based system. This series …

David CruwysTeamworkPM – New Project from Template
Patrick Roche - CUPSI 2014 - IdeasMen

Poem by Patrick Roche 21

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Patrick Roche performing for Princeton University at the 2014 CUPSI “College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational”. “I come up with a theory that my father started drinking again because maybe he found out that I’m gay. Like if he could make everything else blurry maybe somehow I’d look straight.” Source: Patrick Roache Poetry – Facebook I come with a Theory

David CruwysPoem by Patrick Roche 21
Jetpack WordPress Settings

Jetpack WordPress Settings

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This series will show you “How to set up a Blog” and perform “WordPress Configuration“, we use these guidelines to deploy configure new websites on our production installations for professional services such as an Accounting firm, Medical Practice or Finance Broker. In this example I will be working with and In this lesson we run through setting up …

David CruwysJetpack WordPress Settings
Test ScreenSteps To Wordpress

Test ScreenSteps To WordPress

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Test by Dave This article shows the steps to editing a page This series helps ordinary people to “Learn WordPress” by taking a step by step approach to the different screens that you commonly encounter in the WordPress administration system ( This is part of the “Learning WordPress” gold series and that includes how to guides for using WordPress. Test …

David CruwysTest ScreenSteps To WordPress
How to share an article on Linkedin from Wordpress

How to share an article on Linkedin from WordPress

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In this article we are going to look at the steps we will undertake to publish an article to LinkedIn. It is important to use caution and take care when doing this as this is the professional social media service of generally the prinicipal or CEO of the company we are publishing for . For specific login details – these …

David CruwysHow to share an article on Linkedin from WordPress
Top Free Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Network, What is CDN?

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A content delivery network helps to host content such as images, media files, static content and style sheets of a large website by reproducing a copy of data through the various nodes of a network. Additionally, content delivery software helps to reduce load of websites and to improve downloading time of the websites. CDN is not just software; instead, it …

David CruwysContent Delivery Network, What is CDN?