AI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)

David Cruwys Article

Google Lens is a powerful, AI-driven visual search app

The Google Lens vision-based app provides computing capabilities to your smartphone allowing it to understand what’s going on in a photo, video or live feed.


Vision based capabilities will know what you are looking at and take appropriate actions

  • Point your phone at a flower and it will tell you what type of flower it is.
  • Climb under your desk and point the camera the username and password on the back of your router and the phone will automatically connect to the network
  • When walking in the street, if you point the phone at a shop, Google will provide the right information in a meaningful way.
  • Take a photo of a shop window, tap on the photo and dial the number


Google Lens makes your camera smarter than you

David CruwysAI Vision delivers powerful information to your phone (Today)